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Research, Restoration and Insurance Valuation Services
We have a research service where you the customer can e-mail or send photographs of items you would like to know about. i.e. who designed it, who manufactured it and the date an item was made.
Anthony Geering has an extensive library and knowledge built up over 28 years specialising in The Arts and Crafts Movement, Gothic Revival, Anglo-Japanese and Aesthetic Movements, Art Nouveau, and Important Works of Art. He has supplied Liberty and Co of Regent St for over 20 years and was the main supplier through out that time and the biggest contributor to the Liberty and Co yearly Exhibitions for over 18 years.
Anthony and a small group of other experts in this field have come together to research items you might like to know about.
There is an initial fee for this service of GBP twenty five pounds for an instant appraisal which comes with a valuation for insurance purposes.
Please feel free to send us any images and information to our e-mail below.
We specialise in the restoration of all types of Art furniture, restoring items in a traditional way for Clients and Dealers throughout the UK.
Stan and Craig restore sympathetically with expert understandings of the woods used, tools used and finishes applied in those Periods from the last two Centuries. Stan has been restoring furniture for over 40 years and shares my enthusiasm and passion for our work.
We offer a high quality removal service especially for moving antiques which we are a little over qualified for and a delivery service if desired. We can find most pieces of decorative furniture through our networks. If there is anything else you think we can help you with please feel free to contact us.

To the right is an Inlaid tub chair showing the enormous amount of work and many stages a chair goes through when being professionally restored. Usually a chair is the most time consuming type of furniture which requires restoring. Many chairs such as this one only require re-gluing. With many antique chairs the animal glue they used at the time dries out due to constant use and constant temperature changes over a long period of time.
First the chair parts must be numbered, we use masking tape and a pencil. Then the chair must be gently knocked apart taking great care not damage anything and with care and attention it is easily achieved. Next each individual joint must been cleaned by removing all of the old glue, gentle scraping it comes of quite easily although time consuming. Next the joints are all lightly sanded, so important for the new glue to have a good clean area to adhere to. Once it has been glued and assembled the clamps go on pulling the chair back together. It is then left for two days to allow the glue to dry. Finally the chair is thoroughly cleaned leaving the original finish and waxed to protect the chair which gives it a warm glow.

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