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Tony Geering is specialist Dealer, Interior Designer, a Curator for museums and private collectors alike.
A passionate Writer and Historian on the Victorian era and the Industrial Revolution.
Researcher, and a passionate Restorer of Antiques and Architecture.
Tony is a Presenter on television for :-

The BBC, Channel 4, ITV and The Discovery Channel.
Tony is currently presenting for THE RESTORERS an offshoot of THE SALVAGE HUNTERS
where you will see him in the evenings regularly appearing on Quest TV.
He is also one of the specialist dealers appearing regularly since the summer of 2011
with David Dickinson in DICKINSON'S REAL DEAL for ITV.
He co-presented with Kirsty Allsopp on KIRSTIE'S HOME MADE HOMES in 2010.
The Antiques Road Trip for the BBC.
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth IS, also for the BBC.
Salvage Hunters with Drew Pritchard for Quest TV.

His first real break was with Kirstie Allsopp in Kirstie's Home Made Homes series 2 for Channel 4 as the co-presenter and Antique specialist throughout the series which was first screened at the end of 2010 and again in the following summer.

Tony co-presenting with Kirstie Allsop in Kirstie's Home Made Homes series 2 for Channel 4.

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The shoot days were non stop and long, we were up always just before the crack of dawn, a hearty breakfast and off to the showground we'd go, a procession of cars, vans and the two big red shiny Land Rovers a big team and a great team, there were moments it was like being a part of an artist colony, some great characters and everybody got stuck in from the outset each performing their specialised skills to keep the camera's rolling throughout the long days, using all the sunlight hours possible for filming, when I wasn't filming I was searching for pieces for the clients homes, clocking up a five to ten mile walk around the showgrounds throughout each individual day but we did get a well deserved half an hour lunch break with a more than satisfying hot meal with desert to keep our energy levels up for the afternoon sessions. We usually arrived back to the hotel around 7pm or I would drive the long journey home back to sleepy ol Suffolk, with a beaming smile on my face after an exhausting day or two of pure fun and excitement.
I had a marvellous time working with Kirstie and the crews in this series, all the people involved were really cool and they helped me so much especially in the beginning, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and I felt privileged to be a part of Kirstie's Home Made Homes and the Channel 4 team in such a top quality production, promoting antiques and second hand items and also bringing the green recycling message home. I am a recycler and it is worth remembering that in most cases it takes no more effort to recycle something than it takes to dispose of something and it certainly makes one feel good when you do recycle. I have been recycling and restoring furniture and decorative items and everything else in my daily life, it is something very close to my heart.

All the very best and thanks for looking in. Tony.

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