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IPS 62 see also GW Ex 40
A rare and important Arts and Crafts Glasgow School oak settle designed by George Walton one of two made for one of his earliest Kodak commissions at number 59, Brompton Rd, London. The pure Glasgow design is very complicated indeed and one can see Mackintosh's influence clearly in this piece which would have rubbed off on him while working with Mackintosh for Miss Cranston's tearooms. George Eastman was not happy that Walton had been brought in to design the top Kodak showrooms but Walton had conquered Davison and Davison never had any trouble squeezing the money out of Eastman to employ Walton's expertise and by the end of 1898 they had renamed his work for the showrooms to 'Kodak-oration, the decorative work of George Walton' and at that moment the name George Walton and the Eastman company were fused as one. 1900 was the peak of Walton's work for Kodak and the Brompton Rd commission was probably the best he achieved for Kodak alongside The Strand and Brussels showrooms. He also designed showrooms in Glasgow, Milan, Vienna, Leningrad and Moscow. See George Walton. Designer and Architect by Karen Moon. Page 81 and 82 (last two images)
Height 55", Width 60 1/4", Depth 16 1/4". Circa 1900.

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